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A relationship podcast that also discusses your relationship with money, mindset, and yourself. Each episode focuses on a challenge that achievers experience in love, life, and money. The content is for the achiever who want to stop comparing and start repairing their mindset their money, their relationship, their life. Do you like real life stories and actionable tips from industry leaders who are winning at the game of life? Do you enjoy professional opinions from experts in the field? If so, you will love this podcast. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Financial Therapist Kiné Corder, engages the listener with mini courses, fun interviews, and a Q & A session where she and a co-host answer your burning questions. Growth is a process so you'll also get a quick 5-Minute Activation tip that you can start using today to improve your life. Subscribe today to get notified when new episodes are released and share it with friends.

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