You Can't Succeed in Your Coaching Business Without This


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A quick shout out to Reggie Scott . . . Thank you Reggie for your review in the Apple Podcast app. Reggie said: “I can binge listen. With her episodes being so short, sweet and to the point I get so much insight within 30 minutes. Thank you Rhonda for being kind with your listeners. I always look forward to your next podcast.”

I’m so honored that you binge listen, Reggie! And I appreciate you all for listening. I’m always so happy to share with you.

Okay let’s get to this little gem. I hope it’s an AHA for you.

Because I’ve been working with coaches to build their businesses for so many years I notice patterns. And I’m going to share something with you that sometimes gets me down a bit …

About 1 in 5 of my clients don’t make it in coaching. I know that is also the statistic in all types of entrepreneurial businesses. But it still shocks me a bit.

These heart full coaches go through all the effort and expense to get certification and then to work with me to put their entire business model and foundation together. Then when the program ends they don’t launch.

I search myself asking if there was something I could have done better. And of course wisdom tells me that a coach’s success is not up to me. That old saying “You can lead a horse to water … “

I’m even more surprised at the specific coaches that don’t launch because from where I sit they have everything it takes to be wildly successful in their business. I believe in them with all my heart. They are talented and everything we created together was intelligent and strategic.

In retrospect, I see that they were missing something that is so critical for success in a new business.

They were not hungry enough. The drive wasn’t strong enough to make the leap across the threshold.

In most cases, the coach had a full time job and well developed career doing something else. In a few cases they didn’t need the income because someone else was providing for them for a long time now.

In all situations, there simply was not enough ambition backing their dream.

I do not judge these wonderful human beings. They’ve chosen what was right for them and I celebrate that.

Building a business takes grit and determination. And some find their desire wanes when the moment of truth arrives. For some it’s about timing.

If you are soon to launch your business ask yourself … will YOU take the leap across the threshold? Will you step away from that job or lifestyle you’ve been used to in order to have this new lifestyle being your own boss? It’s okay if the answer is no.

And if it’s yes, make a pledge and then keep shoring up your vision so you will take the leap.

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