Cyberbullying Prevention With Rick Phillips


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Root Causes of Cyber Bullying Increase With the multitude of social media platforms available to young people research tells us that these platforms tend to give the perception that individuals have the freedom to be mean spirited and/or exhibit mean behavior to others without fear of any kind of accountability or action taken against them. What’s most concerning is that cyber bullying has doubled in the past 10 years. The reality is, that this generation – anyone born after 1995 are being raised and living through technology which has increased the access and opportunity for not only kids to use it for good but also for negative purposes. The average use not including school work hours that social media is being used is 9 hours a day – Schools and educators are trying to educate families and young people on what electronic aggression and cyber bullying is. Along with school staff encouraging awareness on this issue there has been an increase in technology and firewalls developed to help combat cyber bullying including some legal measures as well to combat this growing epidemic. Legislation, technology and forms of education have not been completely effective or we wouldn’t be seeing an increase in the number of incidents.

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