QuickBites: How to Enunciate to Engage Your Audience


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A key tenet of sales is to make it easy for your prospective customers to buy from you. Making the process too convoluted, it’s believed, increases the likelihood that they buyer will become confused or frustrated and ultimately opt out of the buying process.

The same is true when it comes to public speaking. If we, as speakers, confuse or frustrate our listeners, they won’t buy what we’re selling – be it a product, service, or message.

However, many of us unknowingly make it difficult for our listeners to, well, listen. One of the ways we do this is not speaking clearly, instead we garble words and syllables.

Not enunciating can happen for a variety of reasons including habit, aging, and not giving it much thought. But now you should be giving it thought because it matters.

In this QuickBites (under 5 minutes) episode, learn various exercises that help you enunciate and speak more clearly so you can engage and resonate with your audiences.

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