Importance of Community in Motherhood


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Kate Turza is a mom of 3, co-host of the Mom Deconstructed Podcast, and postpartum Doula. She’s passionate about normalizing the emotions that new (and seasoned) moms feel and creating a community in motherhood. It's so important to share personal stories with other Moms, so you know you're not alone.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

If you're not getting postpartum support you need, do your research. The Pure Nurture Podcast is a great resource to find Mom support systems. It does feel awkward to be vulnerable about your first-time-Mom-experience, at first. There's this myth that we're supposed to "just know everything" about being a good Mom, but you're not really sure about this or that.

Guess what? No one knows what they're doing. Having a sounding board to get things off your chest is so liberating! Free your mind with Kate in these safe places:

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