Spring: The successful path to an open source project with creator Juergen Hoeller


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16 years and still growing! Not every open source project has the track history of Spring (www.spring.io), a framework for building modern applications for the java runtime.
Juergen Hoeller (@springjuergen), creator of the Spring framework, gives us insights into how he and his team have grown Spring to where it is now. We learn how they have built a developer community, how they deal with feedback, why its important to interact with your users on a regular basis and where the road is heading. Juergen also shares insights on topics such as scalability, performance, concurrency of the framework as well as how the rise of new java runtimes and distributions still keeps him excited about the future of Spring.
If you want to learn more visit the Spring Framework’s GitHub project and make sure to read up on the latest blogs on https://spring.io/blog/

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