An Introduction to Service Mashes and Istio with Matt Turner


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To service mash or not? That’s a good question! Not every architecture and project needs a service mesh but for running distributed microservices architectures service mashes provide a lot of essential features such as service discovery, traffic routing, security, observability .. We invited Matt Turner (@mt165), CTO at Native Wave, to tell us all we need to know about service mashes. We get a deep dive into Istio, one of the most popular current service mashes, the architecture and how the individual components such as Envoy, Pilot, Mixer and Citadel work together. We also chat about the tradeoff between performance, latency, throughput and service mash capabilities. If you want to learn more make sure to check out Matt’s online content such as blogs and recorded conference presentations on Native Wave Istio vs. Linkerd CPU Overhead Benchmarks by Michael Kipper Initial Observations: Second Analysis:

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