ChatOps: Automate yourself into your next job with Nestor and Zohaib from Citrix


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ChatOps is not new! But many organizations have not understood nor leverage its full potential. The use cases spread from “What’s on todays cafeteria menu?” to “Deploy my latest Git commit as canary and scale based my SLOs!”.
Listen to this podcast and learn from Nestor Zapata and Zohaib Hassan – both working at Citrix – on how they have started their ChatOps journey, how the built trust in the technology and how it helped them transform their organization towards more autonomy thanks to the self-service model enabled through the chat bots they developed. We discuss many of their self-service use cases such as Performance as a Self-Service or even Self-Healing which they implemented through Chat Bots integrated with Slack, Dynatrace, ServiceNow, Jira and other tools.
If you want to see their chat ops in action watch our Performance Clinic on Automate Deployment and Site Reliability with Bots, ChatOps and Dynatrace

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