Does Everson Griffen Want to Return to the Minnesota Vikings? "LFG" πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ (ep. 1052)


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Former Minnesota Vikings edge rusher and team captain Everson Griffen has been putting out some STRONG hints that he wants to return to the Purple for the 2021 season after spending a year in Dallas Cowboys/Detroit Lions exile. It NEEDS to happen.

Timestamps: β€’ (1:45) Everson Back? β€’ (6:12) 7-Round Vikings Mock Draft β€’ (21:23) 3 Free Agent Guards β€’ (28:32) 3 Defensive Tackles β€’ (34:14) Trade for Pat Shurmur? β€’ (40:42) Free Agent Cornerback? β€’ (46:35) Sports Illustrated's 2021 Vikings Outlook

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