154 A Dive Into Data and Metrics - Becoming Actionable and Empowered to Improve Performance


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Wearables, FTP, Sleep, HRV, Pace, Power, Sleep, Calories...

There are so many opportunities to track things. As an athlete and a performance-minded fitness enthusiast, what are some aspects of your training and performance that you might consider tracking? And, most importantly, in what context?

Today, we dive into data and provide a performance lens to create a workable marriage between those feelings and sensations you have in life and training, and the incessant monitoring and tracking of the data.

Matt creates a filter of how you might lean into or stray away from data, dependent on your situation and who you are.

The key is aligning the right metrics and use of that data to help you become more empowered, not shackled. Measuring and tracking are only valuable if they assist you in becoming more actionable and aware. Ultimately, data should help you gain both perspective and performance.

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