169 Design a Life of Discipline and Commitment with Veteran and Coach, Sean Garick


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This week in the United States, it's Memorial Day Weekend, where we take a moment to reflect and honor those who have served in the military. Today, we celebrate by welcoming long-time Purple Patch coach and veteran, Sean Garick.

Sean didn't get into coaching simply by being an endurance athlete-turned-coach. His background is something entirely different. He's an aerospace engineer, a longtime United States Marine Corps fighter pilot, and he was a test pilot with over 2300 flight hours. He has a background that is eclectic, strong, and steeped in intentional focus and performance.

What can we learn about endurance sports from this Marine Corps vet? Plenty. This conversation digs into Sean's journey as a Marine and how mentorship is vital, both with the mentors that he had, as well as his role as a teacher and mentor in the Marine Corps and now as a coach.

Matt and Sean also explore various words that are synonymous with success in the military, but also across success in any aspect of life. Words like: discipline, commitment, team, focusing on the controllables, and everything else that you might imagine around success.

Sean is, in many ways, an inspiration to the entire team of coaches and athletes. He certainly provides a unique perspective on collaboration, trust, and remaining calm under pressure.

Thank you for your service, Sean, and thanks for your invaluable role as a Purple Patch coach.

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02:40-08:05 - Who the Bleeding 'Eck Are You - Athlete Spotlight: Mike Olzinski

08:05-10:00 - Word of the Week - Connect

10:15-1:04:00 - Interview with Sean Garick

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