111 Developing Resilience for Your Team, Your Athletes, and Your Company


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This week, it's part two of our double-header on resilience. If you missed last week's episode on developing resilience within yourself, you can listen HERE.

In part two, we think beyond ourselves, which is something that all of us must do in these uncertain times. This episode provides context on helping others navigate these times, develop mental and physical resilience, and even thrive.

How can a coach create resilience with their athletes during this time when motivation and anxiety ebb and flow? How can a team leader provide perspective to a team with so many unknowns?

Fear and anxiety must give way to action and, as a leader, it is your duty to lead the charge. In fact, it is your purpose and part of that role is creating a purpose-driven journey for those you lead.

Matt dissects five principles that all leaders and coaches should employ when developing a resilient team:

  1. Health - Set up an environment that encourages health and time for self
  2. Stability - Within chaos, you must create structure, new routines and important elements of familiarity
  3. Purpose - Grounding in something bigger than you
  4. Connection - Making human connection while apart. It has never been more important
  5. Perspective - How do you reframe a bad situation to evolve and ultimately thrive?

There is opportunity in adversity and a real chance to thrive, but it will only happen if you adapt and innovate. If you just keep digging in the same box you will wilt.

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GetSetUp Webinar: Developing Resilience and Thriving in Uncertain Times - Thursday, April 9th at 3:00p PDT.

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