113 Performance and Resilience for the Mature 50+ Crowd


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This week, we showcase a recent live presentation Matt debuted for GetSetUp, a resource and education site that focuses on re-skilling Seniors who then teach other Seniors how to do all the important things in their lives from navigating health care, to online bill pay, and more.

This timely live seminar was centered around resilience and human performance for those who are 50+ and Matt shared his insights about:

Health. Defining what "health" means for the non-athlete and tips for maintaining individual health and resilience at this moment

Stability. The importance of managing anxiety, creating stability, and new routines

Finding Purpose. Grounding in something bigger than you

Seeking Connection. Making human connection while apart

Perspective. How to reframe a bad situation to evolve and ultimately thrive

You might have older parents, or you might know someone who would benefit. We hope you'll share the presentation because now is the time to come together to find a shared path that will help our most vulnerable in these times.

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