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Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

Fasten your seat belts, folks. It is time to get back to racing and over the course of the next several weeks, the podcast is executing a "triathlon takeover" - focusing on everything you'll need to implement a successful return to racing after our extended hiatus.

Today's episode lays the groundwork to arm you with the knowledge, mindset, and tactics for a confident experience. Matt outlines:

  • Expectations - How should you prioritize your expectations for this first race? The likelihood is that it has been a while since your last race, and if it is your first time then well -- it’s your first time. In either scenario, it is always unclear how your body will respond to the unique situation and stressors of racing. But, this does not mean that things are destined to go poorly. Not at all. Matt explains 'the why'...

  • Mindset - Instead of trying to over-analyze and come up with solutions for things that don’t need to be solved before the event, take on a mindset of excited curiosity. Your first race should be a celebration -- even mixed with a little gratitude...Gratitude for your health, your opportunity, and the signal of our world beginning to transition back to a version of normal.

  • Practical Tips and 'Must-Dos' - A little bonus material on how to train leading up to the race, tactical race planning, and a few logistic reminders since it has been a while for all of us!

It's time to dust the rust off and have some fun in 2021!

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