161 Stop Fearing the Swim! Solutions and Strategies for Triathlon Swim Success


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The swim leg of any triathlon is one that elicits stress and fear. You’re entering into murky water with the blinding sun in your eyes. There are choppy waves that are seemingly predestined to make their way into your lungs. All the while, you’re getting very physical with hundreds of your closest friends. Swim anxiety is real, especially in open water swimming.

Today, Coach Matt Dixon and Coach John Stevens diffuse some of the stress around triathlon swimming and frame strategies to help you approach the swim more effectively.

In this deep dive on triathlon swimming, they will:

  • Help Establish a Positive Mindset Around Swimming

  • Benefits of Swim Band Training

  • Identify Common Sources of Anxiety and Fear

  • Outline Solutions and Strategies Around Many of Those Sources of Fear and Anxiety Around Swimming

The goal of this episode is to help you build confidence and become empowered when approaching the triathlon swim. Regardless of whether you are a multisport veteran or a complete newbie, we hope to help you develop a toolkit to help alleviate some of the open water swim anxiety that is prevalent at triathlons, IRONMANS, and multisport events.

This is your year of performance and Purple Patch is here to help!

John Stevens comes to Purple Patch with a wealth of athletic and coaching experience. His background is rich in swimming, progressing through high-level high school swimming and then venturing on to become the captain of the University of Miami swim team. John began coaching, first as an assistant in Tucson, AZ, and then two years as an assistant coach at Florida International University. John moved home to Maine in 2010 and coached high school swimming for three years. It was there that he transitioned to competing in triathlons and the emerging sport of SwimRun, with a notable result in 2018 where he and his partner won the San Juan Islands SwimRun, beating out Lance Armstrong and Simon Whitfield. John also won the Ödyssey SwimRun Casco Bay three years in a row. While coaching and developing multi-sport and endurance athletes, John has expanded his reach into both race director roles, as well as leading positions in triathlon and multi-sport camps.

Time Stamps on Episode Segments:

00:00-03:10 Intro to Episode - Get Rid of Your Swim Fears

03:10-10:06 Who the Bleeding Heck Are You? How Intentional Walk Breaks Lead to Faster Race Performance

10:08-15:00 Squaddie Update

15:00-20:00 Word of the Week - Change - Pave a New Path with the Opportunities Ahead

20:15 Meat and Potatoes - Alleviating Swim Anxiety

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