166 Back to Basics - How to Build Your Training Recipe for Any Event


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Now that restrictions are lifting and we're emerging from the fog of Covid-19, you may be deciding to take on a challenge - to TRAIN for something. It's your time to embrace the journey and go on a charge to challenge yourself, to stay consistent, and to achieve big hairy audacious goals.

Today, Matt strips it all down to the fundamentals, to reground you, reset the mindset, and course correct in case you have strayed. This episode is a timely and important reminder of how to find performance in your time-starved life, no matter if you're embarking on your first 5k, family rafting trip, hike across the Grand Canyon, European bike tour, or a journey through IRONMAN training.

Successful training means understanding and implementing key ingredients of your recipe:

  • How to Set Yourself Up for Success - being clear about your purpose, knowing where you are starting from, aligning your team of allies, and understanding how to integrate the training into your life without letting it dominate.

  • How to Build Your Plan Around Effective Training - Training is, after all, a targeted and specific stress applied to the body, in which you can achieve POSITIVE adaptations. How do you go about doing this? How do you know when and how to apply the right type of stress? You have to understand how to layout your week and prioritize key training sessions.

  • How to Work Your Plan Through Life's Chaos and Unpredictability. That is performance development in the context of life.

Working these steps will not only help you achieve your performance goals, but complete them with vibrancy, consistency, and good health. It isn’t about chasing outcomes, it is about NAILING THE JOURNEY.

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