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It was inevitable. After a full calendar of racing was canceled in 2020, we knew that 2021 was going to be the year of deferrals and stacked event calendars. And now, here we are in the midst of the training season for this upcoming cluster of races that all feel important to you. You did invest the money and emotional energy into these races, after all, and you rightfully expect a positive return.

But, how do you plan to train for these clustered races? There are few off-the-shelf training plans that guide you through this scenario. The textbooks and magazines don’t give you much solid perspective, and many coaches stumble and get confused. Unfortunately, as a result, many athletes pinball through the season, going back and forth to events, layering fatigue, and not performing their best at any of these events.

The confusion stops now, thanks to Matt’s Top 10 Tips for Success on Back-to-Back Racing, or the ol’ Dirty Dixon Double. Learn how to go into each race feeling fit-n’-fresh ready to commit to a strong performance both physically and emotionally.

Avoid arriving at your first race fatigued.

Don’t forget your supporting habits.

In most cases, train for race one, then use THAT fitness to carry you through the races following.

Cement a mantra in your mind: Recover -- Maintain -- Sharpen.

Nail immediate recovery.

Performance metrics are not useful between races, except to highlight fatigue.

Maintain strength.

Employ the BIG BANG TRICK.

Commit to your performance in every race.

If in doubt between the races, do less.

Sounds simple, yes? We know you’re anxious to dive into the details and encourage you to do so during the episode. We also encourage you to sign up for our upcoming webinars, including a deeper dive into Fall racing with Matt! Details are below.

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10:35 Word of the Week - Go for It

13:25 The Meat and Potatoes - Top Tops on Back-to-Back Races

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