177 Beat the Heat - How to Get Heat Adapted BEFORE Your Next Big Event


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If you are running a marathon, prepping for a hot triathlon, getting primed for IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 summer racing, then this episode is for you.

Matt digs into performance readiness for HOT environments; more specifically, how to get heat adapted BEFORE your event.

After outlining some rules around heat adaptation, Matt defines two of the best protocols for heat adaptation before your event:

  • Implementing a Safe and Effective Sauna Protocol

  • Training in the Heat

Topics covered:

What's happening on the inside of our bodies when we get hot? It's all about our blood and Matt explains the three key roles of blood in successful performance.

What Happens to our Bodies and Mind When it Gets Hot? Why does it become so much more difficult to perform?

What are the Rules Around Heat Adaptation? - When should I begin, how long should the adaption process take, and when should I aim to stop prior to the race?

Performance in the heat is simply an additional challenge to overcome -- and the good news is that you CAN prepare and offset some of that challenge. It won't make the day easy and it won't turn hot into cold, but by preparing in advance, it will help you to better manage the hot conditions on the day.

Episode Timestamps

00:00-02:40 - Welcome and Introduction to the Episode

02:40-05:55 - Squaddie Update

06:00-09:20 - Word of the Week - Sunday Special

09:20 - The Meat and Potatoes - Beat the Heat - How to Get Heat Adapted BEFORE Your Event

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