PUSHLiving Podcast #27: The Gift of Inclusive Design with Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti, PhD


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Rosemarie Rossetti has a PhD in Agricultural Education, an extensive background in training and consulting, and has served on the faculty of Ohio State University teaching public speaking. When biking with her husband 21 years ago, a 7,000 pound tree fell on her leaving her permanently disabled with T12-L1 incomplete paraplegia, and her life’s course changed dramatically. She embraced her new identity as a person with a disability, and began using her skills in training, consulting, and public speaking to become an expert and start advocating for disability inclusion and universal design. Rosemarie speaking at TEDx Since her life changing experience, she has built her personal home in Columbus, OH using the latest and greatest techniques in accessible design, she's enjoyed 24 years of marriage with her husband, and has become a successful speaker and consultant for inclusivity, with a specialty on inclusive conferences/events. What you’ll learn from Rosemarie in this intriguing podcast: How to give the gift of inclusive design to facilities that are not in compliance.How meeting planners and corporations/groups can ensure their conferences and events are inclusive to all attendees.Her experience with building the #1 top rated home for universal design in America, and the certifications she had to obtain for the home to gain that status.How she maintains her 7 year old home, and her favorite design features that make her daily chores much easier.What she does to stay healthy at 66, and keep her marriage of 24 years alive.What it’s like to work with your husband from home, and what their daily schedule consists of. RESOURCES: Rosemarie’s Professional Speaking website: www.RosemarieSpeaks.com Rosemarie’s Home website: www.udll.com Rosemarie’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosemarie.rossetti Rosemarie’s Home Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/universaldesignlivinglaboratory/ Rosemarie’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/topmotivationalspeaker/ Rosemarie’s Twitter: @RRossetti Rosemarie’s YouTube: https://yt.rosemariespeaks.com Home Elevator article: https://pushliving.com/stylish-elevators-bring-independence-home-for-wheelchair-users/ Tempur-Pedic Mattress and Power Base - Tempur Advanced ERGO System: https://www.tempurpedic.com/search/?query=ergo+system WHILL wheelchair: https://whill.us/ https://pushliving.com/why-a-home-elevator-was-the-perfect-fit/

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