Episode 23 - Nate Mickelson, Des Moines Disc Golf President


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Welcome back I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I took a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays but Im back for what I’m calling season 2. 2017 was my first year with this podcast and it consisted of 22 episodes and a bonus episode with Nemmers and it was a great year. This year I’m hoping to be much more consistent and get closer to that 52 episodes mark. But 2018 kicks off over here at PnA Radio with Nate Mickelson, the current president of the Des Moines Disc Golf Club. He’s on today to let you all know what the club has planned for this year. He’s gonna drop some dates for tournaments as well as some other events around the metro so head over to the Des Moines Disc Golf Club’s facebook page to get more info on all that stuff. Those links and others will be in the description of this podcast. If you don’t know where to find the description or show notes in your podcast app then I’ll try to do a better job of posting all those links and information on the podcast’s facebook page slash group. But enough of that for now. Let’s hear what Nate has to say about the club and his background as a board member…These podcasts keep getting longer. I never meant for this podcast to be as long as its turned out to be but I enjoy the conversation and getting to know all these guests a little better. I’d love to hear what you think though. Should I keep them shorter? An hour? Half and hour? Let me know. Ill through something up on the facebook page so keep an eye out for that (Click here to go to that post). But what a great episode with Nate. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him during and after the show. I think we can all get behind helping the club out whether it be playing their events, volunteering some hours to course work or even just signing up to be a club member. The courses in the area wouldnt be here if it wasnt for the club and they definitely wouldnt look as nice as they do without them. So I’m extremely appreciative of them and I’ll definitely be getting my membership this year even if I’m not able to play the league as much as I’d like and I suggest you do the same so we can keep disc golf growing. Nate and the other board members put a lot of work into making disc golf what it is in Des Moines and I think we can help them out. If you’re interested then like I said at the top of the show check out their facebook page. That’s probably the easiest way to get ahold of them otherwise there’s a website (I lied... the webiste is no longer in use) that Ill link to or just stop out at league night starting in April every tuesday. Definitely support the club. If you want to support the show then head over to Patreon.com and join the Putt and Approach Radio Patreon campaign. There’s a couple levels to chose from and they’re both not a lot of money. Every dollar is appreciated and keeps the show going. Being near the 1 year anniversary there are hosting fees that come up this time of year which are luckily only a 1 time fee for the year but I could definitely use your help so if you enjoy the show please head over to the Patreon page. If you want to connect with me then head over to the facebook page for the podcast. There are also less used social media outlets like instagram (@PuttandApproachRadio) and twitter (@PnARadio) that you can like and follow. They get some love every now and again but facebook is the main page for the podcast and there is a linked group that makes it easier to interact with other listeners as well as myself. Check all those out, and dont forget to subscribe to this feed on your favorite Podcatcher.

I’ve been Connor Kisling and thanks for listening to Putt and Approach Radio.

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