PVCSec75: Viva Las Vegas


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In this episode, @InfosecSherpa talks about her adventures, mis- and otherwise, in Vegas with Paul.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest thrilling episode of the PVC Security Podcast.

Show Notes:

Shower sludge pics (see below!)

Tailhook scandal (reference)

Red Wedding (reference)

Elevator story

BSidesLV, DEF CON, Black Hat differences


Chris Rock DEF CON talk, “How to Overthrow a Government

#SNAP_R “Weaponizing Data Science for Social Engineering”

Hacker Jeopardy article


pink hat
Tracy bought a pink DEF CON hat!
Tracy attended her first Hacker Summer Camp!
Shower sludge or cyber pathogen? We'll never know!
Shower sludge or cyber pathogen? We’ll never know!

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