Episode 176 | Long Time Coming: Rev. Freddie Augustine & Gary Fleming


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In a year of racial unrest, what can we learn from the stories of two men who challenged segregation in the 1950s? That’s a question we engage in this episode of the Q Podcast. Gabe Lyons is joined by Rev. Freddie Augustine and Gary Fleming. Now in their 70s, these two men played in one of the first integrated Little League baseball games when they were 12 years old. In this conversation, they talk about what that experience meant to them, how it’s shaped their understanding of race in America, and the hope they have for the tensions we face now. To go deeper into this conversation, check out Long Time Coming—a documentary that tells the story of this historic baseball game. You can stream it on Q Media when you start a subscription at qideas.org/about-qmedia.

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