[Full episode] Elegance Bratton, Gabriel LaBelle, Marie Brassard, Mosha Lundström Halbert


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Elegance Bratton talks about his remarkable journey from homeless teen to military recruit to critically acclaimed filmmaker, as dramatized in his debut feature, The Inspection. Gabriel LaBelle is the Canadian actor playing one of the biggest figures in cinema, on screen. LaBelle talks about getting to know all about what makes Steven Spielberg tick, being directed by him, and how he brought the Oscar-winning director's story to life in The Fabelmans..The Siminovitch Prize is the most prestigious award in Canadian theatre. Every year, it's given to a director, playwright or designer who stands out for their leadership and innovation. Marie Brassard is this years winner, and she joins Tom power LIVE to talk about her big win. Q fashion Columnist Mosha Lundström Halbert breaks down the controversy at Balenciaga.

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