Manclan Episode 3: Tucker Carlson’s End of Men (Sample)


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Testicle tanning. Egg slonking. Soy globalists. Cucked hospitals. We explore Tucker Carlson’s recent pseudo-documentary on Fox Nation: The End of Men. In the process we tackle sperm counts, Monsanto, PFAS, and a slew of right wing influencers led by a British man calling himself Raw Egg Nationalist. Full episode: When you subscribe for $5 a month you'll get access to the full Manclan mini-series as it comes out (+ all episodes of Trickle Down with Travis View + an extra episode of QAA every week + access to our entire archive of premium QAA episodes) Manclan is a new podcast series by Annie Kelly and Julian Feeld exploring the digital world of masculinity influencers, esoteric manliness rituals, and alpha men. Covering everything from pick up artists to weightlifters, from New Age health perverts to neo-fascists, it’ll also be touching on the pre-internet history of masculinity and men’s movements. Guest is Paul Cooper: ( Cover art by Jess Johnson ( Theme music by Nick Sena ( Editing by Corey Clotz. Additional music by Pontus Berghe.

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