The Father Time IPO and the Nuts and Bolts of Building Software Applications From Scratch


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On this episode, we look at a recently filed IPO, Father Time. This isn’t a hot IPO. In fact, no bankers are underwriting this. What’s interesting about this one is that it’s entirely self-underwritten by the company founder. They are planning to build a coupon system from scratch, so we talk through how that would look from a technical perspective. We consider their business model and the budget in their S-1.


  • On Father Time IPO
  • What a blank check type deal is
  • How to work with a client like Father Time in order to build the software application
  • Description of business
  • Challenges of this industry faces
  • On using paper coupons
  • Father Time’s future products
  • LoyaltyExpress
  • CouponExpress
  • StoreFront Central
  • Revenue Model


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