Quantum Human Design™ - Episode 22 with Tina Rusnak


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In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Certified Human Design Specialist Tina Rusnak. For over 25 years Tina has helped others learn how to reach their full potential by increasing their levels of personal awareness. She has a gift for seeing what others might not see in themselves and it's her mission for everyone to live their unique, authentic life with confidence & support so they can have more satisfaction, joy & abundance in every moment, of every day which ultimately serves the greater good of the world.

Tina has been studying and practicing Human Design since 2012 and helps her clients break free from old mindsets and conditioning patterns so they can create the life, career or business they’re ready to achieve. Tina will also be speaking at the International Human Design Conference next week!

Karen Curry Parker, Founder & Creator Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System™, Quantum Alignment System™, and Understanding Human Design


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