QYP 40: Dr. Arturo Solis Herrera on Melanin, Water and the Origins of Life


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Arturo Solis Herrara, founder of the Center for Human Photosynthesis


The Center for the Study of Human Photosynthesis, was founded as a result of the discovery of the amazing ability of the human body to transform the visible and invisible light energy into chemical free energy through dissociation and re-formed from the water molecule. This molecule forms a chemical cycle that first part is almost identical to the first reaction that occurs in the leaves of plants, where the chlorophyll in the presence of the ends of the visible light (purple and red) dissociates the molecule water generating hydrogen and oxygen diatomic. The result is liquid water transforms into its gaseous components, which is a reaction in the laboratory requires much energy as is necessary to raise the temperature of water to two thousand degrees Celsius. It is a very profound message of nature that the first reaction in the plant life and the life of man is practically the same: the dissociation of the water molecule.


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