QYP 41: Dmitry Orlov on the Biowell and Six Stages of Illness


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Dmitry Orlov received his Master of Sciences in Technical Physics from the Saint-Petersburg State Technical University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics – Department of Laser Technologies. He is currently General Manager at Bio-Well Company, which produces the Bio-Well device and its software. Mr. Orlov is also the Founder and General Director of AVD Company – focused on the studies of human ecology and living space ecology (geopathic stress analysis) and their interconnection. Mr. Orlov is the author of more than 20 papers published in various journals and international conferences thesis, and 7 author tutorials written on the subject of Electro-Photonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization. He is the recipient of multiple research grants and awards, and actively conducts seminars worldwide on EPI/GDV while furthering the development of the Bio-Well system - a new era of integration of Western and Eastern approaches to the human body and health assessment.

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