Quest for Truth 125 Hello, Meet God, the Almighty Creator (Re-Quest1)

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Special guest hosts,, Retrobots David and Callie, rummage through the archived shows to piece this first ever Re-Quest show together.

Dating back to January 2015. Actually the pilot episode, but it became episode 1. It features a few comments on why the podcast came to be, and solo thoughts about God being almighty, and in charge of his creation. by Keith, who is yet to be joined by any co-hosts. The following are slightly edited, and updated show notes from the pilot, and first episodes.

Quest 1 God Almighty, And Creator

Introducing the podcast that tries to seek for truth about God, the Bible, and life. In this first installment Keith takes a look at the first point in the Apostle’s Creed. This foundational creed dates back to the earliest statements of faith.

To find what the bible says about God being Almighty, and creator, the words of Job are given a glance, since he seems to have the most to say on the mightiness of God. Interesting since he wasn’t in the family of Abraham, and is famously known for the torment he went through. He at least knew that as crazy as life got, God was still in control.

Next time, look for a new segment. Actually, the next show features the first appearance of longstanding co-host, Nathan Caldwell. Look for it on the web site, or just keep listening. Where do we go in the future? Topics will shift toJesus, the scriptures, and beyond.

Quest 1.5 Introducing God

Keith is joined by co-host, Nathan Caldwell. Meet the hosts for some background of each host. Keith is a long time Christian, and a regular guy, with a regular job. Nathan is a Missionary Baptist preacher, and both want to relate to you where ever you are in life.

Faith in God should reach a point where you leave the dogma of your parents, religion, and religious teachers behind, and explore for yourself for what’s fake, and what’s real.

Join the discussion. Everybody is at a different point in their walk of faith, and dealing with religious matters. We’d love to have you drop us a line with some personal advice. Ask a question about what’s next in your new faith. Ask that burning, hard to answer question, and we’ll give it our best responce.

Nathan shares an outline from the bible about knowing what truth is. We can be assured of an absolute truth, and the bible can be held as trustworthy in matters of historical and spiritual truth alike. Simply believing in a fact you make up yourself, or in your own opinions and experiences can be a dangerous, and life threatening thing. Everybody has a limitaition. Our knowledge is limited to our perspective. God is bigger than his creation, and we can stand above our created world, and begin to understand matters better when we get a glimpse of how God sees things. We get that glimpse from what we learn from the pages of the bible.

Does it take lots of wisdom and learning? No, even a child can understand. Need more knowledge to satisfy? Matters of God are as deep as you want to go. Keep seeking and growing, because the deeper we seek the truth, we move our faith from a shallow one, to one with roots that can withstand the hard trials in life. .

Remember, we want to hear from you. Comment, send an email, whether here, or on Nathan’s site, Protectors of the Book.

Note: The audio has been slightly edited to reduce some echo, and other audio artifacts from the original file. We were getting used to the recording process, and still had a lot to iron out.

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