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In this week’s Quick Cup of Knowledge, Dr. Kristen Messenger joins Dr. Natalie Marks to tell us more about NSAIDs. Dr. Messenger is an assistant professor of pharmacology at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She shares with us the best ways to use NSAIDs and covers some of the controversies about their use. Come hear Dr. Messenger speak at WVC's Annual Conference in February! In-Clinic Use of the Feline Grimace Scale & Acute Pain Treatment Options Looking for more educational content? Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/WesternV.... Check out our FREE Resource Library full of great podcasts, videos, and digital downloads! https://www.wvc.org/resources ** About Kristen Messenger, DVM, PhD, DACVAA, DACVCP ** Dr. Kristen Messenger is an assistant professor of anesthesiology at North Carolina State University. She is a North Carolina native and completed her DVM and residency training at NCSU. She became board-certified in veterinary anesthesiology in 2010, and in veterinary clinical pharmacology in 2014. Dr. Messenger runs the Comparative Pharmacology and Anesthesiology Laboratory at NCSU. Her research studies the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of analgesic drugs in veterinary species. She resides in Raleigh and enjoys spending time with her Beagle, Cindy, and Corgi, Hazelnut. **About the Interviewer - Natalie Marks, DVM:** Dr. Marks is the previous co-owner and current Medical Director of Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago. She grew up in rural Sterling, Illinois, and received her DVM degree from the University of Illinois in 2002 with high honors. Additionally, during veterinary school, she was awarded a position in the Cornell University Summer Leadership Program as a Summer Fellow. After graduation, Dr. Marks moved to North Atlanta for five years to practice small animal medicine at Allatoona Animal Hospital. She was the Veterinary Leadership Conference New Graduate Representative, president of the Greater Atlanta Veterinary Medical Society, and public relations chairperson for the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Marks has interests in internal medicine, oncology, and ultrasound. She also is a firm believer in the power of the human-animal bond and finds helping families manage and care for their geriatric pets most rewarding and satisfying. She was recently awarded Petplan's 2013 Veterinarian of the Year Award. Dr. Marks also received the prestigious Dr. Erwin Small First Decade Award, presented to a recent graduate who has given significant contributions and service to the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. In 2015, Dr. Marks was awarded America's Favorite Veterinarian honor from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF). Dr. Marks is very active in all aspects of media, both locally and nationally. She has appeared on Good Day Chicago, WGN-Pet Central, NBC Morning News, ABC, CBS, NPR, WBBM, and many local websites. Dr. Marks was featured nationally on the Today Show and CBS Nightly News during the canine influenza epidemic of 2015 and in multiple issues of JAVMA. Additionally, Dr. Marks has been published in Veterinary Medicine magazine, DVM magazine, and was a reporter for Veterinary News Network where she completed intensive media training. In 2018, Dr. Marks became a certified Veterinary Journalist.

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