Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio Presents Jamey Boelhower


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Jamey Boelhower is a poet and independent author with numerous published works to his name. Not only is Jamey a prolific writer but also he has been an educator for over 20 years. Although his focus is on poetry, Jamey has also made a name for himself with his compelling blogs and popular fictional novel Under the Lights. Jamey’s most recent works include April 2020: A Poetic Time Capsule of Writing and Living During a Pandemic, These Words Believe in Ghosts, and Father and Son: Words Apart, among many others. Throughout his career, Jamey has delved into a variety of topics, including family, heartache, and the mysteries of life. Jamey is well-known for challenging his readers' perspectives and inspiring them to see things in a deeper way. As a loving husband and father of six, Jamey enjoys spending his free time with his family. Currently, he is working on new works that will be released soon.

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