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How are you doing folks? Seriously? I do hope you are faring well in this time of crazy - and you have a good number of folks to zoom and chat and message and talk to - and if not, have a browse of the quirky links on our website...doooo reach out to other folks, if you want to...or find networks via the links on our Quirky Voices website links here...personally I get lost in a bit of tiktok these days...but that aside, I hope you are finding these eps useful, informative and real. I so appreciate every. single. listen xx
This is the third ep of three telling Diane's story / Flo's story....and looks at why she feels how she does, and finds some ways of helping cope with the worst of times. Diane has been simply amazing to be courageous and brave enough to share her story - and I would love to hear from anyone who has found her sharing useful or resonant with your story too. That goes for any of the ladies stories - they are real people, they talk frankly about their real lives, and why....I love em...
I must make clear that the traumatic event affecting characters and people in this show was a sexual assault, so please be aware of that before you listen if this will in any way affect you. Thank you.
Lucy Shirley as Rachel
Lara Parker as Gabby
Kirstin Stansfield as Freya
I play Charlie
and the amazing Diane Alexander as Flo, and herself in the interview.
The wonderful Kylie Salholm is our medical professional who is a practicing Psychological Therapist, (BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist, IPT Therapist, RMN and works for an NHS Trust in secondary care =More than qualified to help us fathom in this episode how folks can recognise they need to find help...
Please do email us to to let us know what you think of this podcast, to contact any of the participants or to share any of your own story!
Thanks to Matt Hutt and Zak Lemon for groovy music
Thanks to James Hudson for Ave Maria played so beautifully
Aaaaand thanks to my executive producer Fiona Thraille who shines up my rough cuts! Please check out all her work on Dashing Onions Audio here.
Thank all Of you for listening - if you have the time and inclination, we would truly love a review or rating on any podcast platform! Ah gwan! Thanks muchly
Thanks to the PULSE award funding from the WELLCOME TRUST and Britpod awards....v exciting to have had that support.....

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You matter. Yes you do. Keep on truckin'....
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