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HELLOOOO You beauteous MADIVA listeners !
How goes it?
AHHH Blown up laptop situations have temporarily thwarted my flow...but! MADIVA IS BACK...TODAY - HUZZHAS!
Hope you are all well you wondrous VA'S in this crazy world....I have kept m'head above water and am in the thick of finalising the SEASON 4 MADIVA GUESTS - SOOOO EXCITINGGG!
So, huzzahs for HEM CLEVELAND talking all things voice acting for and organising and casting folks for the Lucky Die - a live action role play pod of wondrous grooviness that is led by the fantastical brain of Hem, with a squad of very amazing imaginative and funny fun people working on it - actors - musicians, editors and moooore.
I would LOVE to do some more improvisation, and this kind of show seems a lure for sure - and HEM SEEMS TO BE THE GODDESS TO DO IT WITH. I am excited to say, there will be an update on how I have popped my Lucky Die Adventurous Cherry with the brilliant Karin Heimdahl and Karim Kronfli this November. (SQUEALLLLY EXCITEMENT) WAAHOO
I was upset in editing that I had missed an opportunity to do the 'the flames...the flames' nod to THE AMAZING Madeline Kahn...find it, do it for me huh?
Any bongs in here just gently bong out any swearage if you are wondering what that is about - to protect your ears....Cos I care....but sometimes swearage seems necessary...thats just my opinion obvs.
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Honestly, wherever you are - Hello to folks in the UK, USA, AUSTRALIA AND YOU DANES AND SWEDES AND NORWEGIANS, HALLOOOOOO, AND YOU FOLKS FROM BAHRAIN, RUSSIA, THE PHILLIPINES, SPAIN - Jeg Elske die - or some such - fans and please do feel free to share these groovy fun eps.
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