Rosa Kranz and Gilda Stern Aren't Dead - PART SOMETHING - By Emily C. A. Snyder - An International Women's Day Audio Grooviness


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Hello All and welcome to the newest of Quirky Voices Productions -
Rosa Kranz and Gilda Stern Arent DEAD !
I am crazy excited to present to you the most wonderful of scripts and some gently experimental audio fiction with an all female cast to celebrate International Women's Day.
Born from an idea in a social media thread, the BRILLYANT Emily CA Snyder (of Turn to Flesh Productions) set about writing this gem, gently with me and my audio fiction pal Fiona Thraille (of Dashing Onions and more) in mind.
I truly hope you enjoy this gentle comedy, and muse on life, the universe and....curtains.
(And please give it up for the cast who did so much foley and walla for this grooviness and made me laugh lots (due to their talent obvs!))
Thanks to all who contributed, and happy INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY WOMEN EVERYWHERE!
Won't you??
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Links to the cast
Wendy Lap - WEBSITE
Lara Parker - WEBSITE
Fiona Mackinnon - WEBSITE
Erika Sanderson - WEBSITE
Produced, Directed, Edited by Sarah Golding who also did the 'music'.....ALL sounds not made by Quirky Voices are Creative Commons licensed from FREESOUND.ORG - Links to Used SFX can be found on the Quirky Website! Woohoo!
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