Episode 95 : Is The Miz the New Toy For The Fiend To Play With?


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The reigning king of WWE will send Dolph Ziggler to do his dirty work this week, as Ziggler squares off against Reigns on Friday night. What will Corbin have planned, as the feud between him and Reigns continues?
Last week, we saw Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt attack Daniel Bryan and drag him under the ring. When Wyatt emerged to the surface, he was holding what looked to be pieces of Bryan’s hair. Wyatt has challenged Bryan to a rematch for the Universal Championship, but the question is the condition of Bryan and what he will look like when we see him again.
Also a week ago, we learned about the pending return of “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus. He’s been out of action for several months due to an injury, and made a video appearance last week to speak about the “state of SmackDown.” Now that he’s on the blue brand, will we see him in person this week and what are his plans?
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