Glories Of Srila Govinda Ghosh (Part 3 of 3)


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On the disappearance day of Govinda Ghosh, all the people from these villages were feeling great grief in his separation. They brought his body to the river Ganga and performed the last rites. When they came back, the deity who was elegantly dressed, was no longer dressed in his prescribed attire. He was wearing the very simple type of white dress that a son wears after his father dies. So they understood the truth that Gopinath truly is the Son of Govinda Ghosh. So they brought the deity to the Samadhi madir and had the deity personally offer shradha to his father. And from that time to this very day, this is the tradition in Agradwip. On the disappearance dar of Govinda Ghosh, they bring the deity of Gopinatha in a palanquin to the samadhi of Govinda Ghosh, which is just behind us and he offers the shradha patra, pinda to his beloved devotee. And such a glorious festival that two to three hundred thousand people ae crowded in this courtyard on that occasion every year. And it is one of the most glorious festivals of Gaura mandala bhumi. This land belongs to the king of Krishna Nagar and that King has such devotion to this deity, that after the disappearance festival, where Gopinath Dev performed the shradha, the deity is put on a boat and he's taken on the Ganga to Navadwip ghat where he spends the night and is worshiped by all the devotees of Navadwip and mayaur.

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