Glories Of Srila Kolavecha Sridhar (Part 1)


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here comes Nimai and says, “why are you charging so much? I will give you half.” And then he would just pick up the bananas and Kolavecha Sridhar would say, “it is a fair price. Why are you saying like this? If you do not like my price, there are other places where you can buy bananas and banana leaves. Go to them.” Nimai would say, ‘No. I know a good supplier when I have one. I will take only from you. Why are you cheating me with such high, exorbitant rates. I will give you half. Infact, I will not give you anything. I will just take it.” And Kolavecha Sridhar would try to hold the Lord and Lord “Are you going to take from a brahman?” And Kolavecha Sridhar was afraid that the lord might hit him. He is a brahman. He is attracting my heart, ultimately, I just want to see him happy. He was thinking like this. Let him take whatever he wants. In this way, every single day, the supreme personality of Godhead, the lord of all lords, that person who the demigods perform yagnas, thier entire life to get a moments glimpse of, that persons, the yogis perform severe austerities, meditation their whole lives to get a glimpse of, that same person would everyday to go to Kolavecha Sridhar’s home and argue with him for 2 hours minimum.

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