Glories Of Srila Shivananda Sen


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Lord Nityananda Prabhu was sitting under a tree and by his own transcendental will, he became very hungry and he became transcendentally angry and he said out loud that “I am so hungry I could die and because Shivananda Sen is not giving me Prasad properly I curse that his sons will die” and Shivananda Sen’s wife happened to be right next to Lord Nityananda Prabhu when he said this. He said for the inconvenience he is causing me, let his sons die and his wife began to weep and cry. I would like all of you mothers to do research in your heart what would your feeling be if Lord Nityananda said that about your son’s? and what about your father’s? You don’t have to say anything be just be honest with yourself. So, Shivananda Sen came finally and when he came he immediately was approached by his wife and she said that Lord Nityananda, he was so hungry that he cursed our son’s to die and she was weeping and weeping and Shivananda Sen replied “you foolish women why you are crying? for the inconvenience I have caused Lord Nityananda, our son’s deserve to die.” Because he knew whatever Nityananda desires is for the ultimate good of all living beings and he very blissfully ran to Lord Nityananda and begged his apology. And as he approach Lord Nityananda, Lord Nityananda was great anger kicked him with his foot on Shivananda Sen’s chest. And Shivananda Sen was very happy. He began to praise Lord Nityananda he praised his own good fortune, the great sages and great rishis even Brahma and Shiva they are always aspiring to try to get one grain of dust, one glimpse of darshan of the lotus feet of the Lord. Even Ananta Shesha with all of his thousand hoods are chanting the glories of lotus feet of the Lord and today out of his causeless mercy, those same lotus feet have touched me. I consider today my birth, my life, my family, everyone is perfectly successful and liberated because I have achieved the dust of the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu. Ofcourse, he made all nice arrangements for Lord Nityananda Prabhu and when Lord Nityananda heard how he accepted his mercy with such humility and gratefulness Lord Nityananda Prabhu embraced him. Ofcourse Shivananda Sen’s did not die they became Paramahamsa great Viashnavas. They lived long lives and then went back to Godhead and Shivananda Sen is glorified for ever for having such faith and devotion and the mercy of the Lord in whatever way it comes.

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