HG Yamuna Devi’s Eagerness To Have Devotees' Association


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Dwarkadish prabhu was her main Doctor for Bhaktivedanta Hospital for three months and she just loved that hospital and loved the devotees and whoever is connected to Bhaktivedanta Hospital, you should know that you are infinitely, inconceivably, unlimitedly blessed by Srila Prabhupada, by Radha Gopinath through Yamuna Devi’s heart. And when she saw that drama where her own personal, loving, caring doctor was playing the most ruthless, demoniac, envious, murderer of Vaishnav’s. Now, for most people, that performance was really mean. I need to say it but this prince Johnston literally incarnated into Dwarkadish that time. It didn’t look like he was acting, he was looked like he was possessed by the ghost of this demon, he was screaming and he was murdering so many devotees, Hladini and so many devotees and he’s ruthless. Now if you see your doctor playing that role, most people would want to change their doctor. And as Shyamsunder prabhu explained, her sense of humor was so incredible, she loved it, she just adored it, she has more faith in Dwarkadish prabhu than ever before. If he could play a role like this, just give pleasure to devotees, this is my doctor forever. Seeking the essence. And I don’t think he called him Dwarkadish again. Even when she had diagnosed with very severe life threatening heart problem just recently, she called me and she said I need to talk to Doctor Johnston. She was getting so many people’s opinions. She trust the love of devotee more than anything else.

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