John Favors (HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami) Gets Admission To Princeton University


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So, the government was giving incentives of quotas for universities that would never take black people. If you take these African people, we will give you government grants and we will give you tax exemptions and if you don’t, no government grants and no tax exemptions. So, this was big money and most colleges and universities are actually existing for money. In order to get the government grants and exceptions, they had to accept so many African people. And most of them they had to take out of the very inferior schools of the Gatos. So, this principle said I have taught you in one of the top white schools of the country. Any collage in America would take you as a first choice. Just tell me where you want to go to college? So, he applied and he got scholarships to Harvard, Gail, Princeton, Cornel, any college, he got full scholarship. So, he was just looking for with which scholarship is the best. They were canvassing so much for him that Princeton University gave him such an offer he couldn’t refuge- free tuition for four years, free living expenses, free food, free books, a salary while you going to school plus every year two round trip tickets from Princeton New Jersey all the way to Cleveland to visit your parents, two round trip airplane tickets. So, this is the reason he decided to go to Princeton University. Gopal Prabhu told me that he went to Princeton University and looked up the year book of Bhakti Tirtha Swami Maharaja’s graduation year and there was a picture of him and they interviewed each person and asked what they hope to do in the future? And he said that his object was, he wanted to be a global humanitarian. That was always his heart. He got a graduation degree in psychology and because he was so proficient, intelligent, creative, dynamic he got a job for government office. I think it was a legal office. He was given opportunities for work in the United Nations. Here was a man that came from the most down trodden situation and now all opportunities were opening before his life for immense influence and material prosperity.

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