Protecting The Words Of Guru & Shastra


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That’s why Srila Prabhupad writes pure devotional service is very rare. He quotes Rupa Goswami ‘manushyanam sashastreshu kachid yatati sidhyaye’ very rare. But then Prabhupad quotes Sanatan Goswami and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu that ‘if one is sincere and serious, he puts a list of three things and obviously, Krishna easily gives pure devotional service if you have these three qualities. That means these three qualities must be extremely, supremely important for us. Pure devotional service, which is so rare, Krishna easily gives it, if we have these three qualities. If we are sincere and second is, if we are serious. What’s the difference between being sincere and serious? They sound similar, don’t they? It seems like being sincere means, you are serious and being sincere means, you are serious. It’s very important and then the next one, basically explains what it means to be sincere and serious is ‘to have no ulterior motives.’ If we are sincere, serious and no ulterior motives, then Krishna will easily give pure devotional service. He will reveal everything as it is. But to actually fall and enter into the spirit of the Parmpara, this is what is required.

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