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Rolf is such a great and incredibly wise teacher. I found his book, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path to Yoga, just after I turned 21. It’s an incredible book with 365 short essays meant to build on one another. I used the book as a guide while I was discovering meditation, and I’m so thankful for this incredible piece of art.

With his book and yoga institute, Rolf is one of the leading voices of modern yoga. He works with the US Military on sustainable care for the troops and meets one on one with his clients for yoga life coaching.

In this conversation, we talk about yoga and recovery, how the popularization of yoga is changing teachers today, and more. If you’ve being overwhelmed with stress and searching for balance in your life, this episode is full of insights. I cannot wait for you to listen and

Radically Wise Rolf

  • Getting sober at 26 and being introduced to the idea of living on purpose
  • Being devoted to learning to live sober and finding meditation
  • Teaching people of all ages who’ve experienced trauma

Radically Inspired Clarity

  • The mere desire to be of service moves you forward in your practice.
  • Find balance by being content with whatever moment you’re in. You’re not going to find balance in tomorrow or yesterday. Balance is the moment you’re in now.
  • You can let go of everything and still be there. You can let go and still be heart-centered.

Rolf Gates Answers…

  • How do you give the teachings to someone who has gone through trauma?
  • What is happening with the popularization of yoga now?
  • What are some words of wisdom that you live by?

Radically Loved Quotes

“Before meditation, I could only feel safe if I was jogging. If I sat still, I felt anxious.”

“These are the tools that teach you to become still and let go.”

“I’m not responsible for the outcome. I’m responsible for the invitation.”

“If they have to hear it 100 times, every time matters.”

A Little More About Our Guest

Rolf Gates is the co-founder of the Yoga + Recovery Conference, Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA and brought Yoga and Functional Stretching to the US Department of Defenses’ Tri- County Summit on Sustainability. As a former social worker and US Airborne Ranger who has practiced meditation for the last twenty years, Rolf brings his eclectic background to his practice and his teachings. Born in Manhattan, Rolf Gates grew up in the Boston area as an avid marathon runner, long distance cyclist and champion wrestler. Rolf and his work have now been featured in numerous magazines to include Yoga Journal, Natural Health and People Magazine and as one of Travel and Leisures’ Top 25 Yoga Studios Around the World. www.rolfgates.com/pages/home.html

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