Episode 4: Subjunctive - I'm in the mood for ...


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In this episode, 'I'm in the mood for ...,' we will talk about the 'moody' subjunctive. The most common use of the subjunctive is to express actions colored by emotion or doubt, rather than reported as matters of fact. The subjunctive mood is used in a dependent clause introduced by 'che' when the subject of the dependent clause is different from the one in the main clause. It is triggered by verbs in the main clause that we call WHEIRDO verbs. These are verbs that denote Wish or will, Hope, Emotion, Impersonal expressions, Recommendations, Doubt or denial, and Opinions. Pulcinella has written a special song for the subjunctive, an ode to unrequited love ('Tearful Spaghetti'). Let's listen ...
La canzone di Pulcinella 'Spaghetti alle lacrime'
Il povero Pulcinella
crede che la vita sia bella
ma non sa cosa lo aspetta
al veder Arlecchinetta.
Quando la vedo sul palcoscenico
crederai ch'io diventi schizofrenico
In quel momento leggendario
quando si alza il sipario
mi pare che si tolga il tovagliolo
per rivelare il raviolo
più squisito della terra.
Nel mio cuor: effetto serra!
Più deliziosa di Arlecchinetta
non credo che pizza abbia fetta.
Questo è sogno? o è fatto?
Pulcinella, dai, sei matto
Voglio disperatamente
dirle quanto io le voglio bene
ma lei non sente
non vuole che le dica niente.
Arlecchina, Arlecchina,
quando sentirai il mio pianto
saprai che il mio cuor è infranto.
Per il dolor della mia anima spezzata
non c'è altro rimedio che una bella spaghettata.
The Song of Pulcinella 'Tearful Spaghetti'
(A poetic translation, not word for word!)
Poor little, little Pulcinella
thinks that life is so stellar
but he doesn't know what's gonna come
when he sees Arlecchinetta, she's the one!
When I see her up on the stage
I think I'm flying into a rage
In that moment so legendary
when the curtain lifts heavenly
it seems that it removes the wrapping
to reveal the ravioli's delicate topping
most exquisite throughout the globe
a deadly greenhouse effect on my soul
More delicious than my lovely Arlecchinetta
not even the most delectable tomato on bruschetta
Is this a dream, or is it really true
Come on, Pulcinella, don't be a fool
I desperately want to say
how much I love her every day
but she doesn't hear a thing
she wants that I tell her No-thing!
Arlecchina, Arlecchina,...
when you hear me cry and wail
you'll know that my heart's gonna fail
For the pain of my broken soul and psyche
there's no other remedy but a fine plate of spaghetti.

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