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Beer is a Conversation is our weekly sit down with some of the people who make the beer industry the interesting and dynamic thing that it is and through these conversations we dig a little deeper into the stories behind the business of beer and brewing.

Over the last few months we have jumped into the wayback machine and talked about the early days of what we now call craft beer. This has been more through accident than design...but this week we have another one for you.

About six months ago Matt was having a chat with Chuck Hahn and the conversation came around to changing beer palates and Chuck happened to mention that his original intention for Hahn Premium Lager was to brew and market a pilsner. He said that his early testing told him that the beer he proposed was too challenging for the 1988 beer palate that he was targeting, not to mention they didn’t know what a pilsner was.

Matt floated the idea of borrowing a homebrew kit and doing a batch with him. Chuck seemed to like the idea and organised to brew a batch of the beer at the Charming Squire.

This is a fascinating conversation about a time before hops as we know it today.

Enjoy the conversation.

We are currently looking at hosting a live Brews News panel to release the beer, in Brisbane and potentially in Sydney. Stay tuned, and email us at if you're interested in attending.

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