Chef Missy Robbins & Laura Brown In Conversation


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What happens when the Queen of Pasta and the Queen of Fashion get together for a chat? You’re about to find out. This week’s show is a special conversation between Chef Missy Robbins of Lilia and Misi restaurants in Brooklyn, and InStyle Magazine Editor-In-Chief Laura Brown. These two powerhouse personalities took over the Jubilee 2019 stage to discuss Missy’s culinary journey, her battle with breast cancer, why she’s done with “female chef” awards, and more. It’s a can’t-miss conversation packed with wisdom, emotion, and a few laughs.

Introducing Missy and Laura is Martha Hoover, founder and president of Patachou, the Indianapolis-based restaurant group with a mission to help local children facing hunger and food insecurity issues.

Stay tuned to hear who Chef Uno Immanivong, the CEO of Chef Uno Brands in Dallas, Texas, thinks is the bombe!

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