Episode 10: The Feast of Saint Roch


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Brought to you by the Feast of the Saint Roch; the Demon Frucissiere and the Spirit Exu do Cemitério; the Geomantic Figure Fortuna Minor (and the Odú Irosún); the mineral Carnelian; the herb Rue; the broad sweep of traditions and folklore of Plague Magic; the Tarot Trump of the Sun; and the Four Thieves (of Vinegar fame) for our Dead Magicians.
This is our first episode with a guest! The lovely Mallorie Vaudoise of Italian Folk Magic is with us for this episode- it was amazing to have her in the conversation and we hope to have her again. This now opens up the possibilities of more Golgoth-a-trois, which is very exciting for us.
Please forgive our sound quality on this one- sitting around a table left the directional pick up on the mic just a little confused sometimes. You can hear Al loud and clear though (Fortuna Minor- small blessings!).

We will continue to update the website and our facebook page when footnotes become available.
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