The Q in Qonspiracy - QAnon as a Paradigm for Future Social-media-driven Conspiracism


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In this conversation between Wu Ming 1 and Florian Cramer, QAnon is discussed as a template for contemporary social-media-driven conspiracy fantasies that work simultaneously as games and a new kind of cults. By focusing on the mutation of conspiracy myths from countercultural phenomena to contemporary meme and influencer culture, the two speakers focus on QAnon, Pizzagate and Covid-19-related conspiracy narratives.
The conversation is centered around Wu Ming 1’s forthcoming book La Q di Qomplotto: QAnon e dintorni. Come le fantasie di complotto difendono il sistema [The Q in Qonspiracy: QAnon and its surroundings. How Conspiracy Fantasies Defend the System], to be published on March 25th by Edizioni Alegre, Rome.
Organized by Disruption Network Lab, March 12th, 2021.

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