Episode 14: Maxwell Britten and New York State Assemblymember Robert Carroll


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This year’s Imbibe 75 highlights people, businesses, and organizations working to build a better drinks world. One of these organizations is THIRST Group (The Hospitality Industry Re-Imagined Security Trust), an advocacy group composed of bar owners, craft distillers, and other hospitality professionals, that tackles pandemic-related insurance coverage. For this episode of Radio Imbibe, we talk with one of THIRST Group’s co-founders and New York organizers, Maxwell Britten, a bartender and bar owner who’s previously worked with establishments including Maison Premiere and The Django at the Roxy Hotel; and New York State Assemblymember Robert Carroll (44th District), who introduced a bill earlier this year that would require business interruption insurance to cover disease outbreaks such as the COVID pandemic.

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