#17 Nice to be nice - with Leroy Steele


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Radio Kak Kak Live #17
The world is a weird place, but at least we are in it together. Father Molotov has wonky ideas, a thick accent and a foul mouth, but he seems to get away with it thanks to his record collection. And he sure needs you.
In this episode he again evokes a fictional character to create wisdom out of thin air for enlightenment purposes.
Special guest Leroy Steele (mathematician, super book reader, footballer and surfer with a convertible car) has just discovered a big juicy secret, which he will share with you - if you just click that big Play button. Expect good news, weird jokes, weird cumbias and tropical funky beats.
This episode was first broadcasted live on a Sunday in 2020 but continues to reverberate positive vibrations to this day, in this shortener podcast format.
Book: "Humankind, a positive history" aka "De Meste Mensen Deugen" by Rutger Bregman (Dutch historian who went viral last year with https://youtu.be/r5LtFnmPruU)
Game: bit.do/highscores

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