#20 Tech vs tantra - with MC Coff


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What’s up world? In this episode my friend Father Molotov invites MC Coff, a wizard, tantra practitioner and technologist from Texas. They listen to some epic tropical beats, tango and other exotic records from the Molotov collection while they discuss the nature of reality, the news at the time of US elections where Kanye West is running against Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the tantra of online dating, and Elon Musk's latest gadget to let you put a chip in your brain. They may or may not talk again about good and evil as well.
Feet down to Earth
Eyes on the road
Hello technology?
Hello tarots?
We can’t see where we’re going
Yet we keep going
We're gonna be filthy rich
This episode was first broadcasted live in October 2020 and then censored and sanitized for you to enjoy safely. And for the powers to be not to be able to figure out what we are actually up to, here on Radio Kak Kak Live.
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